Here is 2 common methods you can follow to identify yarn fiber.


  1. Observation: you can touch or observe to identify. It’s simply but need our observer be professional with full experience.

a)Hand touch

Fiber Feeling
Cotton, Linen Hard
Wool Soft
Silk,viscose,nylon Moderate


b)Stretch level

Fiber Stretch level
Cotton, Linen Low
Wool, Acetate High
Silk, Viscose Moderate

c) Weight

Cotton, linen & viscose are heavier than silk; Nylon, acrylic & polypropylene are lighter than silk; Woo, polyester & acetate are equal to silk.


  1. Burning: it’s a common method to identify fiber by observe fiber’s characteristics when burning.

Cotton: Burning fast almost with no ash (soft, black or gray)

Silk: can hear a little bit sound, hard to burn again, will be gone out itself. Also with feather smell when burning.

Linen: burning fast with sound, smoke and ash(black or gray)

Viscose: Burning very fast with no ash.