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Fancy yarn

What is fancy yarn Fancy yarn also known as special yarn, meaning yarns with special construction and appearance by using special material,special equipment or special technology when process fibers or yarns. Fancy yarn application Besides be widely used in knitwear apparel, fancy yarns could also be used in knitting caps, scarves, ties, carpet, sofa fabrics, curtains, [...]

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4 tips for washing & drying Linen Cotton clothes

Here is 4 tips for you when washing & drying Linen Cotton Clothes Washing linen cotton clothes is basically similar with washing cotton clothes, but do not soak it too long. Linen fibers are usually with hard hand-feeling, so please be gentle when wash it and do not use a brush. Be gentle when wring [...]

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How to Identify Yarn Fiber

Here is 2 common methods you can follow to identify yarn fiber.   Observation: you can touch or observe to identify. It’s simply but need our observer be professional with full experience. a)Hand touch Fiber Feeling Cotton, Linen Hard Wool Soft Silk,viscose,nylon Moderate   b)Stretch level Fiber Stretch level Cotton, Linen Low Wool, Acetate High [...]

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